Yoga Classes

Yoga is a powerful tool that can be significant on the path to developing your mental, physical, and emotional health. At Armstrong Yoga, we believe yoga should be accessible to everyone. We offer boutique fitness yoga classes to meet the needs of our students in Kingston and the surrounding area.
Armstrong Yoga primarily guides a vinyāsa or flow style yoga and each yoga class offers an authentic blend of fitness and yoga.
Beginner Yoga Fitness

An introductory yoga class for students who are new to yoga. This class focuses on movements to stretch and strengthen the entire body at a beginner level. Emphasis is given to the basic alignment to prevent injury. This class is essential for students new to yoga and will prepare students for a solid progression to the more challenging yoga classes.

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Yoga Fitness Flow

A yoga class that will transform individual fitness through a flow style of yoga that synchronizes breath with movement. It will offer a balance of strength, flexibility, and endurance to challenge your fitness. Instruction and guidance will be provided for alignment of the poses. The guidance will move toward linking the poses together in a continuous flow. Breathwork will be woven with the movement. 

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Core Yoga Flow 

A yoga class with a vigorous mission to strengthen the core of the body. Back and abdominal muscles will be strengthened through this class. The emphasis of this class is refining and building core strength.

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Full Body Flow

A class with a mission to power up and strengthen the entire body. This yoga class will flow through the legs providing challenging combinations of legwork and backbends with the intention of fostering more grace and control. This class will also strengthen and energize the arms from wrists to shoulders. This class will gradually offer the foundation for strong arm balances. 

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Recovery Yoga

Simply let yourself unwind and relax in this restorative yoga class. A slow paced class with plenty of restorative Yin poses to soothe the body and mind.  Allow all parts of your body, from hips to heart and spine to sacrum, to enter into a surrendered state. The soothing sequences of this yoga class uses gravity and gentle guidance to coax your body into a fully relaxed state of being. This class type is great on its own or following a more vigorous exercise practice.

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Yoga Memberships

We offer a wide range of yoga membership options.
We can’t wait to see you in the studio! 
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