Yoga Memberships

Start your yoga journey with Armstrong Yoga today. A yoga practice is best when done regularly over an extended period of time. That is when we start to see the real benefits. Armstrong Yoga offers yoga memberships. Find a yoga membership that is right for you and witness your personal evolution.



Does the 10 Class Pass yoga membership expire?

The 10 Class Pass expires 4 months from the date of purchase. This pass is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Does Armstrong Yoga offer a free trial class?

Armstrong Yoga will offer 1 free class so that you can experience our style and our space. We encourage everyone new to Armstrong Yoga to purchase the Intro Month Pass. You will have access to unlimited yoga classes for an entire month! Challenge yourself to do 30 classes in 30 days!


Does the Day Pass give me 24 hours to access yoga classes?

The Day Pass gives you unlimited yoga classes for 1 day on the date of purchase. Purchase in the early morning and use the pass throughout that day.


What is a private yoga session and who can benefit?

Armstrong Yoga private yoga sessions, also known as personal yoga training or yoga 1:1, are an entirely different way of practicing yoga. Unlike a group class, private yoga sessions give the yoga instructor the chance to tailor the practice to your unique body and to help you to reach any goals you may have. Beginners would benefit the most from private yoga sessions. The reality is, anyone and everyone would experience something unique and benefit from a private yoga session. Experience something special and unique. 


 Membership Options